Weekend Getaways From NYC, The Poconos Mountains

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  Poconos Cabins – Poconos Mountains is a romantic tourist area which is ideal for people who live on the East Coast of America to spend the weekend with your  lover or spouse.The beach is not always an option for people who want to eperience a romantic tour atmosphere. For those of you who want a quiet atmosphere of the forest, or live a beautiful mountain area, a lot of tourist areas like that which can be found in the United States for your travel needs.
For tourists who want a natural mountain tourist areas known to be very romantic, Poconos mountains is the perfect choice. Does that make the Poconos Mountains so popular?Poconos Mountain is a tourist area located in the northeastern Pennsylvania. Poconos Mountains is a plateau composed of Pike, Monroe, and Wayne County in Pennsylvania.
Poconos Mountains became very famous for “Weekend Getaways From NYC” the holiday weekend for a big city nearby cities like NYC, New Jersey and Philadelphia because its location is very close, only 2 hours by car. Poconos is also very famous for adventure tourism. Skiing has long become a huge industry in the Poconos mountains, exactly no less than 80% of all hotels and resorts in Pennsylvania is located in the Poconos Mountains.

Many hotels & resorts in the Poconos Mountains area provide facilities for people who want to look for a honeymoon or romantic atmosphere in the mountains. Caesars Poconos Resorts is the largest hotel resort chain in the mountains of the Poconos. Caesars Poconos resort comprises four types namely:

  • Cove Haven
  • Pocono Palace
  • Brookdale
  • Paradise Stream

As one of the world’s most romantic resorts, Caesars Poconos offer attractive packages for honeymoon. All of the resorts in the Poconos Caesars Brookdale resort but is intended for couples only (children are not allowed). ” Poconos Cabins

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