Because of the amazing mountains, waterfalls and the beauty the natural forest, Poconos Mountains have become a favorite destination for tourist throughout the year. In winter people can go skiing, snowmobile, snow boarding and many other winter activities are provided . On summer or spring there are horseback riding, biking, swimming, fishing, hiking or just enjoying the mountains with its amazing long rivers, big lakes, and friendly towns. So many activities you can do to fill your holiday in the Poconos Mountains.

Lots of different kind of lodging available for visitors to choose from in ​​the Poconos Mountains, ranging from cheap to very elegant five star resorts or hotels, in accordance with the wishes, needs and your budget. Accommodation in the Poconos Mountains are very varied, but most of the resorts and hotels there provide facilities for honeymoon with views and a very romantic environment.

Imagine you are sleeping, relaxing or having breakfast overlooking one of the quiet bay in the mountains of the Poconos, or choosing from many poconos cabins or cottages available that is located between the mountains and hills with very beautiful  fantastic panorama. For those who prefer to stay at the hotel, they can choose to stay at the historic hotel, or close many outdoor activities in the mountains of the Poconos.

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